Carl Froch Vs George Groves II – Preview, Prediction and betting recommendation

Carl Froch Vs George Groves II – Preview, Prediction and betting recommendation

froch vs groves 2

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One of the most highly anticipated fights in British boxing history sees Carl Froch and George Groves rematch in front of a sell out 80,000 crowd at Wembley stadium following their epic yet controversial encounter in November 2013.

With Groves ahead on all 3 judges scorecards and having dominated a majority of the fight, Howard Foster made a split second decision to deem George Groves unfit to continue in the 9th round when he appeared far from it. 

Groves was in the trenches for the first time in the fight as Froch began to turn the screw, landing some hurtful punches that had Groves rocking but with the Hammersmith man clearly still defending himself and firing back the stoppage was without doubt premature. 

Groves with his early dominant performance had earned the right to see if he could weather the storm, he was robbed of that opportunity and possibly two world titles, Froch was robbed of potentially an epic comeback which would have further cemented his legacy as one of the toughest and determined British fighters to grace the ring. 

Both fighters now have the opportunity to set the record straight and put an end to the controversy and this is a fight that splits opinion right down the middle, In the first fight Froch was an odds on favourite as low as 2/7, Groves could be had at 7/2. 

This is now seen as a more 50/50 affair with Froch now 8/11 and Groves 11/8. 

Before i get down to the business of the rematch, i am going to provide a snippet of my preview and write up for the first fight as i believe its still relevant to the rematch, i will then look at what has been learnt and additional notes that need applying to the rematch. 

Carl Froch Vs George Groves I – How I saw the first fight in November 2013 

On paper this looks like one of Froch’s easiest fights in a while, 10 back to back world title fights on the big stage, 9 against current or former world champions has seen Froch’s stock rise dramatically. It’s the way Carl Froch has conducted himself between the ropes in said fights which has seen the cobra cement his reputation as one of the toughest warriors in the business.

Not only has Carl Froch shown tremendous heart and courage, he has shown he can box and mix it up with the very best on the elite stage, it’s little wonder many think Saturday night is simply a formality against an unproven and perhaps a little too green George Groves.

However i think this could be a bad style match up for Froch and i can see him having a few issues, while Groves is yet to be proven i am one who has followed the young Hammersmith man since his amateur days and i happen to believe he may just be a little bit special.

Groves has the ring IQ, movement, the extra hand and foot speed that if used with the right discipline and temperament could see him making this fight extremely competitive.

Both fighters have underrated jabs and it will be interesting to see which one is able to establish it the most, Groves has the notch on speed in delivering the jab while Froch’s appears to have more meat on it.

Both are fairly big punchers and while Froch is famous for having a granite chin i believe Groves still has the power to really shake Froch especially if he lands flush with his power shot – the right hook.

Question marks have been raised over Grove’s chin and i can certainly see Froch sending him a one way ticket to Strictly Come Dancing Saturday night, he was knocked out as an amateur, dropped as a pro by Kenny Anderson and buzzed by Paul Smith.

Can George Groves withstand Froch’s onslaughts?, and their will be onslaughts, periods in the trenches and Groves will need to answer the questions around his chin if he is to win this.

Many believe Groves may adopt backfoot tactics against Froch, Froch himself believes Groves may simply “run” all night, I believe that would be a mistake as Froch is at his best when he is on the front foot and it could be Lucian Bute all over again.

While Groves does not want to get involved in a shoot-out as that will favour Froch, he most certainly needs to hold his own in the centre of the ring, stay off the ropes and keep Froch backed up as often as he possible can, easier said than done.

I have gone back on forth on this fight, firstly i thought this was perhaps too soon for George Groves but the more i look at the fight and the style match up the more i believe George Groves could be on the cusp of a big upset. However this is very much dependent on his ability to take big shots on the world stage.

Groves is 7/2 at pinnacle and i think he is very much a live underdog but because of the question marks over his chin i don’t think this is a fight i will be risking a big stake on instead im going to make a small but sensible play on Groves to win outright

Froch Vs Groves I – Full Fight, November 23rd 201 

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Carl Froch Vs George Groves II – The rematch and what we have learnt from the first encounter. 

We have learnt that George Groves belongs in the ring with Carl Froch, we have learnt that George Groves belongs on the world stage and at 26 is almost certainly a future world champion. 

We also learnt that George Groves is technically a far better fighter than Carl Froch in so many aspects, he is quicker, has much better footwork, is more skillful and athletic and can really hurt Froch. Groves is definitely a bit of a banger. 

However we also learnt that Groves vulnerability is his inexperience, in the 6th round of the first encounter Groves drops his hands and foolishly engages in a trade off with Froch in the final seconds of a round he had already won clear.

Groves didn’t always do the right things after he had been hurt, he tried to be macho and engage in trade off’s when he really should have been boxing. He will need to be smarter in the rematch. 

However in terms of his chin, it looked ok to me, actually the biggest shots Froch landed were illegal punches in the 8th round which Groves seemed to take well, Froch was very lucky not to be deducted with constant fouls committed throughout the fight. 

What we didn’t learn though is how tough George Groves is in the trenches against Elite opposition, how big his heart is and how deep he can dig on the world stage when it really matters, Groves was never given that chance. 

We learnt nothing we didn’t already know about Carl Froch, the guy is an absolute warrior with a chin made of granite the first round knockdown, would have been enough to stop most fighters. It was a fight ending punch make no mistake. 

It is highly regarded that Carl Froch may have underestimated his opponent, had not prepared properly and will be better prepared this time, i disagree with that notion. Carl Froch is a professional who made it well known to everybody how hard he had trained prior to the first fight. With the jives from the Groves camp and with his legacy on the line i find it hard to envisage Carl Froch cutting corners in training camp last year. 

I believe the issue remains that this is a bad style match up for Froch, and also George Groves is underrated by name, the guy is super talented and in my opinion the next biggest thing to come from British soil. 

We most definitely have a champion in George Groves. 

And I expect him to beat Carl Froch this weekend and truly announce his arrival on the world stage, and it would not shock me if he is first man to stop Carl Froch but realistically I think he has to do it the hard way and go the full 12 rounds, he will need to weather some storms along the way but I think he will fight smarter this time and will have his hands raised. 

You can never write off Carl Froch and betting big money against the man is high risk but I just feel George Groves is more able to tweak mistakes from the first fight more than Carl Froch is able to. 

And I expect a fine tuned and precise performance from Groves, without the foolishness, without the macho, but with the use of his speed advantage to full effect, and I expect things to get worse for Carl Froch from the first fight.  

In terms of betting the fight I would say the value sits in the method markets, you can get 4/1 on Groves to win by decision and 9/2 on Froch to win by decision which looks like it can make a good straddle play to me. 

There is also a bet I like down at spreadex, they are offering 25/1 on Groves to win by knockout, now let me make this clear that discludes technical knockout which means Froch would have to go down and not beat the referee’s ten count, now I know that looks like a controversial bet, and it is.

But if you put it in to context with the 4/1 being offered by bookmakers on a Groves win by KO/TKO, the odds are really generous and I dont find it inconceivable that Groves can make his man stay, he is a real banger and i think the 25/1 is worth a nibble as an interest bet for small stakes. 

PREDICTION: George Groves via unanimous decision 

Boxing Tipsters Bets: (£50 stake) 

BET 1: £30 on Groves by decision 4/1 Coral

BET 2: £10 on Froch by decision 9/2 Betfred 

BET 3: £5 on the draw 28/1 Betvictor

BET 4: £5 on George Groves by Knockout 25/1 Spreadex

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