Canelo Alvarez Vs James Kirkland – Preview and Prediction


Canelo Alvarez Vs James Kirkland

Preview and Prediction

Its Mexico Vs America as Canelo Alvarez returns to Texas against dangerous puncher James Kirkland as he continues his rise from defeat to Floyd Mayweather in 2013. Styles make fights and this one has the potential to be a thriller.

However that may very much depend on which James Kirkland turns up this weekend.

Canelo Alvarez Credit: Photograph by James Michelfelder & Therese Sommerseth


It’s easy to forget Alvarez is only 24 years of age, he has already amassed a record most fighters would be happy to retire on and fought on the biggest stage against the best opposition there is.

The Mexican is an extremely talented fighter who is seen as a potential future pound for pound superstar of boxing, however while his loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2014 somewhat humbled, no one can argue Alvarez is one of the best young fighters in the sport at the moment.

Alvarez has a good boxing IQ and moves around the ring well, defensively Alvarez is smart and offensively he is clinical, throwing precise and thudding combinations that rarely go to waste.

He will be in with a dangerous opponent in James Kirkland this weekend but if he uses all his skill and boxing ability, avoids a toe-toe war, it really is hard to look past another Canelo Alvarez victory this weekend.

james kirkland


Kirkland is a ferocious and powerful fighter who is most effective when he is beating on an opponents chest, a dangerous inside fighter who once he drags you in will usually spit you out, and that’s if you’re lucky.

However outside of the ring Kirkland has had many issues and he appears to be another fighter who runs the risk of not fulfilling their potential because demons always seem to follow.

He is no longer being trained by Ann Wolfe and is now signed to 50 cents promotional company, The Wolfe always seemed to bring the best out of Kirkland so while it could be seen as negative, Kirkland looks like he has a good team around him now and is in a good place.

If Kirkland is ready both mentally and physically for this, he is going to be a dangerous man for Canelo Alvarez this weekend.




If Kirkland can drag Alvarez into an inside fight he may just well pull off the upset, but the truth is that is easier said then done and requires Alvarez to make a catastrophic error in his game plan.

Canelo Alvarez has all the tools to deal with Kirkland providing he uses them, it could be said Kirkland is made for Alvarez.

Kirkland’s defence is going to be a big problem for him and against Alvarez he is going to need a steel chin and his 1st round loss to Nobuhiro Ishida still looms in the memory, Kirkland down 3 times and stopped by the Japanese Ishida, with only a 27% knockout percentage.

However Kirkland has shown the heart to get off the canvass before and stop opponents, the problem is Alvarez is a different level to anyone Kirkland has faced.

While I am not writing off Kirkland this weekend, he has one punch knockout power and can break hearts, I just don’t believe he is defensively astute enough to deal with Alvarez. Unless Kirkland lands something big I think he will take too much punishment and the fight will be stopped in the mid-late rounds.

Alvarez is 4/6 to get the KO/TKO which is quite low, I think the better bet is under 9 rounds being offered at evens at sky bet.


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