Callum Smith Vs Patrick Mendy – 21st September 2013

Before the odds came up on the method market for this fight i was sizing up Smith by KO/TKO, reason being i figured that particular outcome may pop up at 3’s-4’s considering Mendy was well known to be pretty durable and fairly tough to pin down and Smith is still early on in his pro career, so i was fairly surprised when it popped up at odds on, and the decision popped up at 5/2 i was expecting it to be the other way round to be honest 

Callum Smith i feel could just be the best of the Smith brothers and i really like him in this fight however Mendy has a way nipping and tucking in fights and i dont think Smith will find it simple to just pin him down and stop him, although i do think he has a chance of forcing the stoppage in this fight  the odds on is way off on the pricing in my opinion, and theres no value in it, at 3-4 most certainly, 5/2 perhaps,

I think 5/2 is a good price for Smith to win by decision as i say its 50/50 whether Smith gets the decision of forces the stoppage and the odds for me make perfect sense, well worth a punt at that price. 

ATR’s Bet – £20 on Smith by decision 5/2 Betfred