Billy Joe Saunders Vs Chris Eubank Jr – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip


Billy Joe Saunders Vs Chris Eubank Jr

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip

Billy Joe Saunders puts his British, Commonwealth and European belts on the line against Chris Eubank Jr in one of the most highly anticipated domestic bouts of the year. This really is a fascinating fight between two unbeaten fighters that has captured the imagination of UK fight fans. 

On one side of the ring you will have Billy Joe Saunders a distinguished amateur who represented Great Britain in the Olympics. Saunders has progressed solidly but steadily as a professional. Over the course of  5 years he has won the Commonwealth, British and European middleweight titles, all will be on the line this weekend. 

On the other side you have Chris Eubank Jr, son of  British Boxing legend Chris Eubank Sr. Eubank Jr has little amateur experience in comparison to this opponent and has fought a much lower level of opposition. I for one am surprised to see Eubank Jr take this fight, arguably another 12-18 months of progression against sturdier opposition is warranted. 

This is a big step up in class for Eubank Jr, without the experience and progression in levels this is a massive risk that could backfire. 

It’s hard to gage exactly where Eubank Jr is at given the level of opposition he has fought, however he has destroyed every opponent in sight without breaking a sweat in the last 12 months,  looking a vastly improved fighter to what we saw in his first few fights as a professional. 

Also Eubank Jr has power and strength in abundance, he was very hittable in his early days as a professional but appears to have tightened up and improved technical aspects of his game. I think he might now be the more refined technically of the two fighters. 

Billy Joe Saunders has fast hands with crisp combinations and good movement, a fresh Billy Joe Saunders will give Eubank Jr issues early in the fight I feel , but Billy Joe is not a one punch knockout fighter, His power and stamina down the stretch have been questioned in the past. 

There has been a lot of talk coming from Billy Joe Saunders, Being very dismissive of Eubank Jr and threatening to retire if he loses.  I can only see heaping that kind of pressure on himself being to his detriment, the fact is Billy Joe Saunders has had the longest training camp of his career and is in the shape of his life.

That is not the actions of a fighter who feels he has an easy nights works ahead.

Chris Eubank Jr while has not fought the level of opposition he perhaps should have, and while he is surprisingly taking such a big step up in class will in my opinion will be the toughest fight in Billy Joe Saunders career to date, by far. 

Like most of you most likely have, I have taken a keen interest in the build up to this fight, watched all the fighter interviews etc and many of you may disagree with my observation here. I feel as the fight has grown closer Billy Joe Saunders is beginning to realise the task in hand. I don’t think this fighter is as supremely confident as he would like you to believe. 

I could write paragraphs trying to explain that statement in psychological and human behavioural terms, but there has just been some subtle body language and moments of awkward laughter in interviews that has made me question whether this fighter is beginning to have doubts. 

This fight has split opinion 50/50 and the bookmakers are pretty much calling this fight a 50/50 fight with odds of 10/11 Vs 11/10, but for me Eubank Jr looks a special talent with star quality.

I believe this weekend Chris Eubank Jr is about to announce his arrival by beating Billy Joe Saunders. Possibly in explosive fashion. 

Eubank Jr’s strength and power will be too significant for me and I believe as the fight progresses he will begin to find his range and timing and begin landing some big shots on Saunders, whether Saunders can stand up to those I am not sure, but my feeling is he won’t.

However I will be sitting on the fence in terms of betting the method market and taking Eubank any method. 11/10 is a fair price, and at Bet365 we are covered for a refund in the event of a draw. 

Prediction: Eubank Jr TKO 10 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £25 on Chris Eubank Jr 11/10 Bet365