Billy Dib Vs Evgeny Gradovich – 1st March

This is a really good featherweight title clash with a good mix up of styles that should make for an entertaining bout.

Gradovich is a real pressure fighter he adopts a high work rate and looks to break his opponents will by constantly walking them down throwing in bunches.

But that comes with a price as he also tends to get hit with alot of shots and ive seen this guy get rocked before, and by lesser men than Billy Dibs, and in Billy Dibs he will have a real slick mover, with superior speed and reflexes.

I fancy Dibs in this fight, i dont believe Gradovich brings any pressure that Dibs hasnt seen or dealt with before and i also feel Dibs packs decent power for a featherweight and he will be able to land many shots on Gradovich.

Dibs is 2/5 to get the win its not really a price that appeals to me, however Dibs is 5/2 to get the KO/TKO this has a decent chance of happening and is worth a small play in my opinion.

ATR’s Bet – £20 on 5/2 Billy Dibs by KO/TKO Bet365