Bernard Hopkins Vs Tavoris Cloud – 9th March

Location – Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

IBF light heavyweight title

The old trickster Bernard Hopkins is heading towards 50 years old but is still plodding along and looks to break his own record tonight by being the oldest boxer to win a legit world title. Hopkins has mixed it with the elite and his record is littered with Elite fights, hall of fame opposition. Over the years we have seen pretty much every trick in the book with Hopkins, fouls, feigning injury, buying time, smokescreens the lot, but no matter what you think of hops to be competing at the level he has been, for aslong as he has been, the man deserves a little respect. 

Hopkins was a renowned puncher early in his career with numerous stoppages to his name, this slowed down slightly as opposition stepped up however he famously stopped Felix Trinadad and Oscar De la hoya in the early 0’s, the only man to ever achieve those feats (minus oscar retiring against pac), however he hasnt found a stoppage since stopping De La Hoya with a brutal body shot in 2004, this i would say is probably down to his lower output in fights as he has aged rather than a complete loss of pop.

In Cloud he will have a strong, well conditioned, much younger fighter with plenty of pop standing in front of him. Cloud is durable, strong willed with a decent chin, he adopts a high output and throws heavy shots, i dont beleive theres too many dimensions to cloud but what he has is extremely effective against a slow moving target, and Hopkins is certainly not as slick as he perhaps used to be.

This is where i feel the problem lies for Hopkins because through all his tricks he will have a guy that unless he can some how find a stoppage will keep on coming forward and throwing heavy shots, now he can clinch, foul, buy time but it will not change the fact he will be outworked and outgunned in this fight. 

Thats not to say Hopkins cant win the fight i believe he can and i would never underestimate a man with a record and career such as hopkins, however he needs something much more special than i have seen in his recent fights here, i think he needs a stoppage to win this fight and thats a big ask at 48 years old against a real tough guy like Cloud.

For me this is Clouds fight the momentum will be with him in this fight, it will be down to Hopkins to pull something out of the bag to stop it and with obvious signs of his movement slowing down which is to be expected after such a long and glorious career, i believe its a step too far for Hopkins.



£5000 – Stake £100 on Cloud 4/6 Ladbrokes and £10 on Hopkins by KO/TKO 12/1 Stan James 

£2500 – Stake £50 on Cloud 4/6 Ladbrokes and £5 on Hopkins by KO/TKO 12/1 Stan James 

£1000 – Stake £20 on Cloud 4/6 Ladbrokes and £2 on Hopkins by KO/TKO 12/1 Stan James 

£500 – Stake £10 on Cloud 4/6 Ladbrokes and £1 on Hopkins by KO/TKO 12/1 Stan James