Bernard Hopkins Vs Beibut Shumenov – Fight preview and betting recommendation


Bernard Hopkins Vs Beibut Shumenov

Evergreen Bernard Hopkins looks to unify against the inexperienced but explosive Beibut Shumenov in what could be a very intriguing fight. Hopkins is 49 years old and it is almost as if he is defying the laws of nature, making history every time he fights. At some point Hopkins has to grow old in the ring. 

He faces Beibut Shumenov who won a world title in only has 10th professional fight, Shumenov has a really interesting back story and i advise to read it if you can it really is interesting. In short Kazakhstan born Shumenov was a child of a government accountant and as such had a comfortable childhood, however as a child he was poisoned by bad milk, rushed to hospital, his parents where told he would not live, however after an IV was put in his skull he survived. 

Following this Shumenov was told he would always be of small size and should not partake in any physically demanding activity, then when the soviet union dissolved his family were without jobs and fell on extremely hard times having to beg for food. However his family turned things around and now run construction businesses and own large marketplaces and are now multi millionaires. 

As such Shumenov lives and trains in a property 9000 square acres, man made lake, expensive boats, 10 foot refrigerators, hyperbaric chamber, film room, gym, elevators, all the boxing equipment you can dream of,  it almost sounds like something out of a batman movie, money is definitely not the motivation for Shumenov, its his passion for boxing that drives him.

Shumenov may not be that experienced in the professional ring but if you have followed his journey as i have you will know he learns a lot each time he steps in the ring and he learns quickly, Shumenov may not be the quickest fighter but he is explosive, hard hitting and can find his way inside. 

However he will be up against a highly experienced and crafty foe who has seen it all in Bernard Hopkins, Hopkins knows how to slow the pace of the fight down and tie up when needed, he will be looking to force the inexperienced Shumenov into mistakes, keeping him modest on the outside. 

Shumenov is mentally tough and i dont think he will be easily fazed by Hopkins sly tactics, a patient fighter himself Shumenov may need to up his work rate and force Hopkins into an uncomfortable place. 

I think this is a dangerous fight for Hopkins he is coming up against a strong, mentally tough, and intelligent guy who i dont think he can dominate like he can with guys like Karo Murat or Tavoris Cloud. 

Jean Pascal dropped Hopkins twice i 2010 and i can certainly see something similar happening in this one, however i think Shumenov is much more mentally tougher and switched on than Pascal and i think he has the goods to pull off an upset. 

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Bet365 have Shumenov at 7/4 to win outright, i know i bang on about playing outrights plays at Bet365 or Pinnacle but for any new visitors to the site it really is important  for me to stress this and to play your outright bets at these two bookmakers where you can as you are covered on the draw and cant get stung if the scorecards play out that way, which in this case could be a possibility. 

Also a special mention is Paddy Power have Hopkins to be knocked down at 7/2 which could be worth a nibble, however i am keeping things simple and playing Shumenov just to win the fight 7/4 Bet365 

Boxingtipsters bet: £30 on Beibut Shumenov 7/4 Bet365

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