Bermane Stiverne Vs Deontay Wilder – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip


2015 kicks off with a very intriguing heavyweight world title fight as Haitian Bermane Stiverne defends his WBC title against American hopeful Deontay Wilder at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.


Professional Record:  Won 24 (KO 21) – Lost 1 (1) – Drawn 1

Odds: 8/13

Stiverne is the first heavyweight world champion of Haitian descent, Stiverne was a fairly late comer to boxing beginning to learn his trade at the age of 19, he won some minor titles at amateur level beating some notable names in David Price and Robert Helenius and narrowly missing out on the Olympics. Stiverne finished with an amateur record of 49-10.

Stiverne has a solid professional record with just 1 defeat and plenty of outs to his name. Stiverne is a rugged yet methodical kind of fighter he has a nasty left hook and plenty of power in that signature punch. He comes this weekend with the better set of natural boxing ability and is a dangerous counter puncher for a style like Wilder’s.

Stiverne won the championship title with a knockout win over the tough Chris Arreola, a guy he had beaten by unanimous decision a year earlier, a close fight up until the knockout then Stiverne landed some clean shots in the 6th and that was that.

Stiverne is relatively shorter than his opponent this weekend, but he is the heavier more compact fighter, Stiverne has proven durability and if he can take this fight into the later rounds it will surely be to his advantage.

 Bermane Stiverne stops Chris Arreola to win WBC Heavyweight Title


Professional record: Won 32 (KO’s 32) – Lost 0 – Drawn 0

Odds: 13/8

Deontay Wilder is America’s biggest hope to bring back a heavyweight title to states, an Olympic bronze medallist in 2008 has displayed frightening power that has seen him dismantle all 32 opponents in under 4 rounds, 18 of them didn’t see the second round. However as Teddy Atlas may best put it, against who?

The level of Wilder’s opposition has been questionable and quite frankly soft, but make no mistake this man’s power is very real. However Stiverne will be by far the best opponent Wilder has faced to date, this is a significant step on in levels for the American.

Wilder by name wild by nature is the best way to describe Wilder’s style, he is very explosive, very quick, athletic and a devastating power puncher but there are plenty of technical deficiencies and Wilder can come in very wild and wide with his punches, my guess is at some point he will come unstuck against a highly skilled opponent.

However speed, reach and devastating power are very good attributes to have in a boxing ring, with power like Wilder’s it may be all he needs to win a heavyweight title, if he lands he will probably be wrapping a WBC belt around his waist this weekend.

Wilder another late comer to boxing was inspired to take up boxing after becoming a father to a daughter with a condition called spina bifida, call this man what you want but he is here for a reason. Taking into consideration where he has got himself in a relatively short space of time this man has already shown plenty of heart in his lifetime regardless of the outcome of this fight.

Deontay Wilder – Highlights and Knockouts 


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This fight is tough to call, like most heavyweight fights if a fighter lands their best punch it can be all it takes, but in this fight it’s even more the case as both fighters possess great punching power. One thing is for sure this one will not go the distance.

I will have to admit I have gone back and forth on this, but the truth is I expected Stiverne to come in as a notable underdog, maybe 3/1 – 4/1 but I guess the bookmakers see what most see with Wilder, technical flaws with a padded record.

Had I got around 4/1 on Stiverne I would be making a play on it no question but at 8/13 I think the value is with Wilder now, Stiverne can be guilty of clamming up, sitting on the ropes and being a little too defensive, if he does this against Wilder, Wilder will oblige him with no questions asked and will stop him.

On the flip side it wouldn’t shock me if Stiverne exposes the hyped American, so in that sense I can’t say this is my most confident prediction to kick off 2015. But I guess I will have to put my money where my mouth is.


I am going to make 2 plays here which I think puts us in a pretty strong spot, Ladbrokes have within 7 rounds at 1/2 and Bet365 have Wilder rounds 1-3 at 10/3.

I am going to make a play on the Wilder rounds 1-3 while straddling the within 7 rounds. As long as the fight ends within 7 rounds we will break even, if Wilder can stop his man in the first 3 rounds we are on for some decent profit.


£10 on Wilder rounds 1-3 10/3 Bet365, £20 on within 7 rounds 1/2 Ladbrokes.

(remember to adjust staking levels according to your own personal circumstances)