Artur Szpilka Vs Mike Mollo – 16th August 2013

This is rematch of a bout that took place earlier this year, it was an 8 rounder that turned into somewhat of a humdinger with Szpilka seeing the canvass twice in the first 4 rounds however coming through both knockdowns to stop Mollo with a straight left which actually penetrated Mollo’s guard and knocked him out in the 6th. 

It was clear Mollo found Szpilka southpaw stance problematic and Szpilka perhaps should have landed more with the left but seemed to keep missing his power shots by the finest of margins, otherwise i think it could have been an earlier nights work for him, he was clearly the more technically superior fighter.

However Mollo came forward and showed a great determination and heart and exposed the fact that there definitely appears to be a vulnerability with Szpilka, a delicacy perhaps. Mollo suffered cuts early and the doctor was called to ringside several times in the fight this may have made him more aggressive but i think the way the two styles clash it was always going to be Mollo the guy coming forward while Szpilka the guy working off the backfoot for the majority. 

I think we have another cracking fight on are hands here and i do not expect the fight to go the distance i think Mollo was there to be hit last time and Szpilka made it harder than it had to be and i expect Szpilka to land this time and perhaps end it earlier, however with the vulnerability he showed last time looking at the over/under rounds may be a better option then the straight ko/tko market, Ladbrokes have the fight to end within 6 rounds at evens, this means providing the fight doesnt go into the 7th round we have a winner, whilst there is always risk i think this has a better than evens chance of happening. 

ATR’s Bet – £25 on the fight ending within 6 rounds 1/1 – Ladbrokes