Anthony Joshua Vs Dillian Whyte – Preview and Prediction

Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte face their toughest tests to date in each other as they clash for the British heavyweight title at the 02 Arena in London this weekend. The bout will be shown live on Sky Box Office from 5pm this Saturday night.

Anthony Joshua has reveled in the spotlight since winning his Olympic gold medal in London 2012 and since turning professional in 2013 Joshua has looked unstoppable winning his first 14 professional contests by stoppage, all inside 3 rounds.

The opposition he has faced to date has obviously been of a nature and level relative to the learning and progressive stage of his professional career, but he has still been finishing some usually durable opponents in a fashion like no other has achieved.

However he is now at a stage where he desperately needs a test so we can learn more about this incredibly exciting prospect, there are elements of Joshua’s make up that we are yet to see, such as his stamina later on in fights, his ability to take shots and his heart within a trench of attrition.

In Dillian Whyte we have a young, hungry and capable fighter who has big ambitions of his own, trained by Wladimir Klitschko’s trainer Jonathan Banks Whyte is coming to win and his will may not be as easy for Joshua to break as the other 14 who have gone before him.

I see Whyte as a rugged kind of guy who probably has better technical boxing skills than he is given credit for, he is athletic and has a looseness to his style, Whyte can also bang and is clearly heavy handed throwing a good variety of punches.

Make no mistake, while Whyte may not look as physically refined or chiseled as his foe this weekend he is a worthy challenge at this stage in Joshua’s career.

Joshua tends to be patient in his work and has an underrated jab which he uses to the lay foundations and when the time is right Joshua is ruthless and spiteful in finishing off opponents with quick and explosive combinations that are mixed up well and difficult to defend and counter punch against.

Joshua is probably more methodical in the way he fights but he is so effective offensively and coupled with being a physical specimen of a man it is hard not to see this man challenging the top fighters in the division at some point.

First however it would be nice to see him being backed up and pressured for a sustained period of time or being taken on on the inside to see how he copes with these different types of challenges, to date no one has come close to really testing certain aspects of his defensive skill-set.

This on paper should be Joshua’s toughest fight to date, and I think it will be, I think Whyte represents a dangerous enough opponent for this stage of Joshua’s career and I expect Whyte to have moments in this fight.

However if Joshua blows Whyte out inside 2 rounds can I really be surprised? Probably not as this is heavyweight boxing and fighters get knocked out, but I think I will give Joshua more credit than most will for it.

I think Whyte takes Joshua longer than he has ever been before but I think he takes enough punishment over the course of doing so for Joshua to finish things around the 5th round.

I believe Joshua will give Whyte respect and will be patient, calm and clinical in breaking Whyte down over a few rounds but I also think Whyte will give a better account of himself than the majority expect him to.

In terms of betting this fight it really is a difficult one if your backing Anthony Joshua to make it 15 straight knockouts in a similar fashion to the rest of his previous opponents, he is a short 1/8 to win by stoppage and just 8/13 to win inside 3 rounds. There is no value in those prices for me.

I think the value lies more towards the Joshua in rounds 4-6 market which can be had at 10/3, there is obvious risk with this play given this fight could be over in the first round given the power of these two men, as said this is heavyweight boxing.

Overall I believe this is play where the most value can be had, however I can also understand why there will probably by plenty still backing another 3 round demolition job by Joshua given his explosive performances to date.


BETTING TIP:  £15 on Anthony Joshua rounds 4-6 10/3 William Hill