Anthony Joshua Vs Denis Bakhtov – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip


Anthony Joshua Vs Denis Bakhtov 

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip 

Olympic gold medallist and British Heavyweight prospect Anthony Joshua continues his journey in the professional ranks as he fights for his first title the Vacant WBC International. 

He faces a step up against experienced Russian Denis Bakhtov, Bakhtov has gone the distance with respectable opposition in the likes of Vyacheslav Glazkov and Alexander Ustinov, he was also being competitive with Manual Charr until an injury to his right hand retired him at the end of the 5th round last year. 

In fact other than retiring against Charr, Bakhtov has not been stopped in 9 years and 23 fights, however that is about to change this weekend. 

Anthony Joshua has all the tools this Saturday night and he is up against a Russian who is tailor made for him, a guy who will stand in range and eat his jabs, a guy he can set up for that looping right hand, with no disrespect meant to Bakhtov I can certainly see an easy nights work ahead for Joshua. 

Bakhtor can be useful on the inside though and his speed can be a little deceptive, he throws fast combinations for a heavyweight, if he does get inside don’t be surprised if he tags Joshua a few times early, but he is not what you would class as a devastating puncher. 

At the moment Joshua is only in his 9th fight so its early days but so far so good, and he really does look like an exciting prospect. We know he still has a lot to learn, there’s still a little rigidness in his movement at times but at 24 I think that most boxing fans are correct to be excited by the Watford man. 

In terms of betting this fight, it really is taking a stab at where the value is and I do believe there is value. Anthony Joshua rounds 4-6 is 3/1 at William Hill and 7-9 11/1 at Betway I believe straddling these two outcomes is the best shot at making a decent return from this fight. 

I do like Joshua in rounds 1-3 and I think that will be a big risk to our bet but it is only 1/2 it offers absolutely no value whatsoever, Bakhtor is experienced and he has been the distance with respectable opposition I think he can make make it to past the 3rd round, but maybe just. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £15 on Joshua rounds 4/6 3/1 William Hill, £10 on Joshua rounds 7/9 11/1 Betway.