Amir Khan Vs Luis Collazo – Fight preview, prediction and betting recommendation



Fight preview, prediction and betting recommendation

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Amir Khan looks to make a spectacular return after being out of the ring for over year against the skilled and experienced veteran Luis Collazo, Collazo a former world title holder himself that some of you may remember best from when he ran Ricky Hatton close for the WBA World welterweight title back in 2006.

Collazo fights from a southpaw stance and has respectable punching power, he is the better inside fighter of the two and will be best poised for a win if he can drag Khan into an inside fight.

Khan has excellent speed and boxing ability, this could and should be an easy win for him – if he uses all his advantages correctly, keeps Collazo on the outside and boxes him, but Khan nearly always gets dragged into the wrong fight, if he lets his heart rule his head again, this is a fight he will be in serious danger of losing despite all his advantages.

I have been toying with how to bet this fight, and i will warn you this is not a confident pick, I feel if Khan comes out and uses all his advantages this is a plain sail for him, he has the speed advantage, is more skilled than his opponent, and in my opinion could win this fight via a landslide decision or even possibly by stoppage.

However those who have followed Khan’s career especially of late will know its never plain sailing, he gets sucked into fights, Maidana, Peterson, Garcia, Diaz, Khan could have won all those fights comfortably instead he lost 2 of them and made much harder work of the other 2. Collazo is no mug, if Khan does not stick to a game plan utilising all his strengths, he will lose this fight. 

Khan is also moving up to Welterweight for the first time, i dont think that will effect him and the move may suit him but we do not yet know for sure, whereas he is fighting a natural welterweight who has campaigned his whole career at that weight.

Recently Khan has looked vulnerable to big shots, and with that vulnerability, the move in weight and his fighters heart and mentality i make this a very dangerous fight for Khan and i believe there may be some value to be had in Luis Collazo at 5/2. 

I still expect Khan to win and i hope he does,  i feel he has taken unfair criticism in his career and is an outstanding talented, but he is to high risk to back at 2/5 for me. 

Boxing Tipster’s bet: £20 on Luis Collazo 5/2 Betfred, £1 on the draw at 25/1 Betfred.