Alexander Povetkin Vs Manuel Charr – Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation

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Alexander Povetkin Vs Manuel Charr

Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation

Povetkin makes his comeback following his first loss, a man handling at the hands of Wladimir Klitschko, he will face Manuel Charr also a victim of one the Klitschko Brother’s. 

Charr was stopped prematurely in the 4th round after sustaining a cut against Vitali Klitschko in 2012, it was a ridiculous stoppage and most certainly could have continued, Charr looked to be gaining some confidence prior to the stoppage and it would have been interesting to see how that fight developed. 

Povetkin is a decent puncher with good boxing foundations, he has shown an extremely durable chin though out his career, However against Wladimir he showed an inability to think in the ring, problem solve and lacked any real creativity. However he was dealth no favours by the referee who allowed constant leaning by Wladimir. 

Povetkin is not the biggest heavyweight, neither is Charr in this era of Super Heavyweights, but i expect Povetkin to be giving away some weight to his opponent this weekend. 

Charr for me is an exciting talent and at 29 he is still relatively young for a heavyweight, heavyweights usually peak a little later and in terms of the heavyweight crop we have at the moment I can certainly see Charr making some moves in times to come. I believe he is mentally very strong and very determined.

The fight takes place in Moscow, Russia so I dont expect Charr to get any favours on the scorecards however at 5/1 I still think he is worth a play, I think Charr is a world class operator who is more adaptable than Povetkin, and he is facing a guy coming of his first loss. It wont be an easy task in Russia against a solid guy like Povetkin but at 5/1 I am happy to take my chances. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £20 on Charr 5/1 Betfair (cover with £1 on the draw at 25/1 at various books)