Adrien Broner Vs Carlos Molina – Preview, Prediction and betting recommendation


Adrien Broner Vs Carlos Molina 

Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation. 

Adrien Broner makes his comeback following his crushing defeat at the hands of Marcos Maidana, who earned his shot at the P4P king as a result. Adrien Broner will fight Carlos Molina but not the Carlos Molina that is currently a world champion.

This Carlos Molina  is not quite of that class, this is the Carlos Molina who was beaten from pillar to post by Amir Khan 18 months ago and has not fought since, in that sense this is expected to be simply a showcase fight for Broner, and that is exactly what i expect. 

Broner moves down to 140 and considering he just did not look right as a welterweight, this is a positive move, considering he makes weight correctly which has not always been a given with Broner in the past. 

Carlos Molina showed against Khan that he is rugged, tough and durable and can take a shot, however he did not show that much else, he was pretty slow, lacked any real significant power to really move Khan and with Khan’s recent performances that is usually a standard feature at some point. 

Realistically it would take a miracle for Molina to win this, while all the waves of Broner being a hype job and overrated, he is gulf’s above this guy and its not a question of whether he wins it its a question of how, and in spectacular style will be the only way Broner even budges his fallen stock back up slightly, if that’s even possible against such an opponent.

Broner has been guilty of inactivity and laziness in the ring and he will need to up his work rate and let his hands go in this one, otherwise he will risk letting Molina go rounds, which will inevitably fuel more criticism.

And i actually expect Molina to go some rounds in this fight, Broner hasn’t looked a big puncher at 147 and while 140 may well suit him better, (assuming he makes weight ok), i still feel if Molina can go 10 rounds with Khan who throws a hell of a lot more punches and was almost landing at will for 10 rounds, Molina may be able to stick around till the mid-later rounds. 

However in terms of winning the fight i just can’t see it happening, Broner is 1/20 while Molina 12/1 to win which reflects this. In terms of betting the fight this leaves me looking in the over/under rounds where i have noticed a great opportunity to bag some free money. 

Sky Bet have the fight to go under 6 rounds at 5/4 while Ladbrokes have the fight to go after 6 rounds at evens this means betting both outcomes correctly we cant lose, if you were to bet £200 on under 6 rounds at 5/4 at sky bet and then £225 on evens on the fight to go after 6 rounds at Ladbrokes , you will bag yourself a free £25.00 without any risk. 

I dont know how long this opportunity will last as odds may change over the next 48 hours, but grab it while you can if your reading this and the odds are still available, obviously if your bankroll is not large enough to play it how i have played it you can still go £80 on 5/4 and £90 on evens and bag yourself a free £10.00. 

Prediction: I expect Broner to outclass Molina but i still think we will see glimpses of inactivity from the problem and against a tough and durable guy i expect Molina to go a few rounds, Broner stoppage between the 6th-9th rounds for me

Boxing Tipsters bet: £200 on under 6 rounds 5/4 at Sky Bet, £225 on after 6 rounds evens at Ladbrokes.