Adrien Broner v Gavin Rees – 16th February

Just giving a heads up i am not tipping this fight/making an official play on it because i have already locked in profit on this fight on the arbs so theres no need for me to force a play on it, happy days. 

However i will give you my thoughts on the bout for those looking for a bet tonight – 

For me Broner proved he was real legit future pound for pounder when he dismantled Antonio DeMarco in his last outing, and if DeMarco cant take Broner into the trenches i dont believe Rees can.

Yes Broner will face better fighters than DeMarco, but i am simply talking about at this stage in his career at 23 years old to do that to a true warrior like DeMarco was a statement.

However what i do believe is Rees is being underestimate in terms of the level of challenge he presents to Broner, i dont believe Broner will simply blow Rees out of there he will have to break him down.

Rees is a tough cookie, hes a former world champion with only one defeat to Andriy Kotelnyk who is a highly capable fighter who has beaten the likes of Maidana.

He has only ever been stopped by Kotelnyk and that was in the 12th round and purely down to stupidity and a complete disregard for his defence on Rees part, hopefully he has learnt from that.

So my point is i dont think Rees is just going to “go” i think he will take some breaking down and also Rees is a highly underestimated boxer he is alot more skilled and deceptive then people think, despite all the bravado from Broner i think he will give Rees some respect as a former world champ and european champ.

From a betting perspective i think the Value lies in the over/under rounds at SkyBet you can get evens on the fight going to the 7th round or over, that has a good chance i think.

I think Broner will stop Rees in this fight but i believe Rees will give a good account of himself and will certainly not be disgraced, those looking for a round bet i would look at Broner around the 8th,9th,10th.

Good Luck