Adonis Stevenson Vs Tavoris Cloud – 28th September 2013

WBC Light Heavyweight Title 

Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada 

Stevenson comes from a good amateur background he was Canadian National between 2005-2006, he also won Silver in a Commonwealth games in 2006. He turned professional very late at 29 years and so far despite a hiccup against Journeyman spoiler type Darnell Boone he has suited the professional game hand to glove.

The fact Stevenson hits like a stream train helps in these parts, so far he has stopped 4 out of every 5 opponents he has faced and has currently stopped his last 12 opponents, most didn’t see past 6 rounds, he is quick and has a way of negotiating the ring and his opponent in a timely fashion, and thus he doesn’t tend to get tagged flush too often and can really bang them out.

Cloud is a tough fighter and former IBF champion, he has some very good wins on his record Julio Gonzalez, Clint Woods however he had a struggle against slick southpaw Gabriel Campillo and was pretty much took to school by legendary veteran Bernard Hopkins who he dropped his title too.

Cloud can also bang and is usually the puncher in a fight however he gives way in that department to Stevenson in this particular bout i feel. This may be a fight were its a matter of who gets there first and i have to give that to Stevenson being the quicker and perhaps more illusively trickier of the two fighters.

I think we have ourselves a decent fight here 2 guys who can really bang, however its Stevenson who i favour this guy can really hit, he stopped very well respected champion Chad Dawson to claim the WBC title and that needs to be noted as Chad although perhaps not at his peak, knows his way around a ring and while Cloud is tough i think Stevenson could stop a brick wall if it was in his way.

People look at Stevenson’s loss to Broone and they perhaps feel he could be tender however while it clearly shows he is the type that could “go” and is not indestructible, i think he has more dimensions to Cloud overall and will most likely get to him at some point in this fight.

ATR’s Bet – £50 on Stevenson by KO/TKO 4/6 Ladbrokes