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www.boxingtipster.com offers well researched and knowledgeable advice on boxing betting, Boxing news and articles, videos, forum and is generally a community for all boxing fans. 

Based in the UK Boxing Tipster is brought to you by the creator of Against the Ropes – Boxing Writer & Tipster a facebook and twitter page that brings you all things boxing. 

Each week we research and publish predictions and betting recommendations for up and coming boxing bouts. While the website has a predominant betting genre to it, we welcome and cater for all boxing fans whether they enjoy and bet on the boxing or not. There are articles, news, videos and a forum for all to enjoy.


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Betting on Boxing is far from easy, each fight needs to be carefully analysed, the pin pointing of where the value lies in a market will be determined by many factors – 

The fighters – their styles, weight, stance, foot movement, speed, combination and counter punching, stamina, durability, punch resistance, defensive/offensive attributes. The list could go on further.

The judging panel, venue, referee – These are all other factors that need to be questioned, where is the fight taking place? Who is the home fighter? What judges are scoring this fight?

Boxing like any other sport has it’s share of corruption and you can get some dodgy home town, promotional team decisions so you need to be aware of all these factors when your weighing up the risk of a particular play on a fight.

After you have weighed up all these factors you will never always get it right, However I am a firm believer that if you are able to pin point value spots in the market and make plays where the reward outweighs the risk you can make long term profits. Our track record validates that claim. 

A favourite approach of mine is to research the fight prior to looking at any market or odds and creating my own odds for the fight. If I have then priced up a fighter’s chances at 2/1 and their is a bookmaker willing to offer me up 4/1, ill back it simply because I feel I am getting value even if I do still believe the fighter is correctly an underdog in the fight. 

If you want to be profitable at boxing betting you need to be willing to put the time and effort into it, this includes watching a lot of footage (most can be found on you tube), look at some relevant statistics and keeping an eye on market trends. 


1. Don’t be afraid to bet on both boxers when the opportunity arises – Betting on both fighters can be very profitable when making plays in the method markets i.e. A vastly superior boxer Vs a devastating puncher may well call for a straddle on the superior boxer by decision and the devastating puncher by KO/TKO.

2. Eliminate possible outcomes – Researching fighters stats, previous/recent fights, KO/KO’d percentages, and styles means you can eliminate outcomes that are extremely unlikely to happen so you can concentrate on the outcomes that are. 

3. Pay special attention to fighters weights – Fighters that yo-yo their weight and do not manage their conditioning well will always have a disadvantage over those that do. 

4. Fighters styles – “Styles make fights” this claim is certainly true and you need to look carefully at the fighters styles so you can try and play out the fight in your head, analyse what attributes each fighter brings to the table. 

5. Forget about your favourites – We all have our favourites and I have certainly been guilty of betting with my heart over the years, however you really need to forget about loyalties, favourites and nicknames. But with your head not your heart. 


Bankroll management will be crucial to your long term success when betting on boxing. You need to select a starting bankroll and stick with it, however if you have a bankroll of £500 and your average stake on each fight is £100, barring extreme luck you will go bust at some point in your journey.

A sensible approach is to stake between 0.5%-5% of your bankroll per fight, depending upon your level of confidence, and the level of risk involved. Therefore if you have a bankroll of £500 then you would be looking at staking no more than £25 on one fight.

The stakes I advise on the recommended bets are aimed to allow recreational bettors to join in. However the number one rule is you should only bet what you can afford to lose and bet within your own means. The recommended stakes can be lowered to meet each individuals means. 


One of the most important things to remember when betting is you need to be in it for the long term, you will face down swings, periods where your bankroll will take a hit and every bet you seem to place gets busted one way or another. These periods are dis-heartening, however providing you are sensible with bankroll management and possess discipline, you will still be around when the winning streaks and upswings occur. 

Good bankroll management and discipline is the backbone of any successful bettor. 

One good way of increasing your bankroll when you first start out is taking advantage of bookmakers sign up bonuses, each bookmaker will have one, however they tend to come with terms and conditions such as the bonus has to be staked 3 times before you can withdraw so you need to make sure you read each individual terms and conditions to make best use of each bonus.


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